Thomas, still with hundreds of questions about the Maze that no one really wants to answer, decides to explore the place by himself. He wonders off into the forest and finds a graveyard with about a dozen graves, some of them very freshly dug. In the forest Thomas had a feeling that he was being followed, because he kept  hearing twigs brake behind him. All of a sudden a figure appears and attacks Thomas, who fights back with his life. Thomas gets a shock when he realizes that it’s Ben, the sick boy, that’s been stung by a Griever and going through the Changing, as they call it. From what I understand, that’s some kind of poison inside the boy that makes him very, very sick, and turns green. Ben accuses Thomas for not being one of them and Thomas doesn’t understand a thing. Suddenly Alby shows up  telling Ben to let Thomas go or he will shoot him. Ben doesn’t listen so Alby has no choice but to shoot him with an arrow. The punishment that Ben receives later gives me the chills. But until then…try not to get caught in a maze.