Wow! The book has already intrigued me and I want to read more. This is quite unusual for me since I seldom read a book, other than told by a teacher. “The Maze runner”, by James Dashner is as good as watching a movie. I am totally, happily surprised! It starts out with a boy, called Thomas, that finds himself waking up inside of some kind of metal cage, that’s being pulled upwards. Thomas only remembers his first name and the big picture of the world. Other than that, his memory has been erased. It really creeps me out to tell you the truth. Next, he gets pulled up to this absolutely absurd place called “the Glade”. There’s about 50-60 boys, of different ages there, living in a maze. Thomas is of course scared, angry, and quite confused about the place, who sent him there, and afraid that he’ll never will get back to the real world. The beginning really freaks me out and I would hate to end up in a place like that. There’s so much Thomas doesn’t know yet and he has so many questions. Alby, one of the leaders will take him on a tour of the place, the following day. That is it for now, but I promise to keep you updated!