People always have a need to be fed. Whether it’s food, shelter, cars, machines or human contact. Ruben Rausing, an engineer from Sweden, identified a need and fed it. During the 1940’s Ruben got very transfixed with the packaging of food and realized the need for packaging milk, juices, and soups without refrigeration. When his wife stuffed a sausage and tied the ends, he came up with a clever idea that changed Europe’s whole dairy industry, Tetra Pak. It was revolutionary!  The original, sterilized box had four triangular faces. Box shaped packages eventually made packaging easier. His company Tetra Pak became a multibillion packaging firm and in America a good example would be Minute Maid, that’s using Tetra Pak boxes. The article is quite an inspiration.  From his idea sprung one of the biggest packaging companies in the world, and though I can’t think of a new invention yet, I sure hope I will.