I am Collin Hill, daughter of Carina,

who was reputable for her forbearance and bravery,

embarking on her journey from Viking-land.

Voyaging to the good fortune country,

in search of abundance and brooorlufu.

It was I who, in fifth grade, received the “greatest-athlete” award.

My speed faster than the fire from heaven,

my body capable of many wonders.

It was I who, played the steel-drums in front of thousands of disciples,

conquested the golden honor of “student-of-the month”.

I, Collin, could coldblooded conquer competition, with little life-liquid spilled.

I, honorable Hill, hopped  higher heights,

swam swirlier swimming-ponds, against many a brave rival.

In search I am of greater bestowals,

tougher villains to slain on the court,

larger testimonies to achieve.

Mind’s worth is my ultimate goal,

sleep of the sword for the enemy.