1. Family
  2. Basketball
  3. Driving
  4. Dessert
  5. Apple juice
  6. Christmas
  7. Beach Volleyball
  8. Sunshine
  9. Good news
  10. Money


I live, sleep, and breath basketball. Looking back throughout the years, it’s been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Basketball gives me happiness, excitement, and fulfillment. I’ve played it since I could walk and I’ve loved every minute of every game. When you find your passion in life you also find contentment. Almost like God gives you a talent and there’s no turning back, you have to follow your instinct and work hard and never ever give up. I’ve learned so much life lessons playing the game of basketball. Team play, humbleness, and the joy of victory for example. This is who I am and what I want to do with my life. I feel blessed that I have so many supporters who is with me on the way of chasing my dream.


Below is a my “bucket list”:

  1. Drive the fastest car in the world
  2. Go to Hawaii
  3. Go on a cruise to the Caribbean Islands
  4. Meet Kevin Durant
  5. Live in L.A.
  6. Scuba dive
  7. Get a tattoo
  8. Safe a live
  9. Swim with dolphins
  10. Find a cure for cancer


What makes me me?

I try to be real, to be myself and not anyone else. My thoughts, my smile, my personality and everything I do, makes me Collin Hill. I don’t brag or look down at people, I’m helpful, humble, and I’m seldom angry. I love to laugh and hang out with my friends. These are things that make me me. Sleeping in I absolutely love and not having to stress. Being truthful to my family even though I’ve messed up, makes me me. Feeling good about an action and not have any  regrets makes me me. Trying hard in every situation and being blessed for what I have. This makes me me.